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Build a Teddy Bear plus accessories Kit

Build a Teddy Bear plus accessories Kit

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 Create your own furry friend plus all his personal accessories.

How to make this?

From stuffing your bear to naming it , we leave the creativity to you. Record a personal message or song in the voice recorder then add it to your teddy bear. Personalize your bear by decorating the t-shirt and making accessories like sunglasses. Includes a diy coloring knapsack to keep your adorable teddy bear. Will keep you busy with fun and pleasure for many hours.

No Sewing Required! 

Teddy bear’s have a hidden locking zipper closure, no sewing required. Each teddy has a zipper with a tstring attached . When the animal is completely stuffed and zipped, cut the string off to lock the zipper in place.

Kit includes: 

  • 16 inch plush unstuffed teddy bear skin
  • Stuffing fluff
  • Voice Recorder (15 seconds) with 3 Button Cell batteries
  • Printed t-shirt to color ( available with your logo or custom design -ask us today)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Heart insert
  • Diy coloring backpack
  • Teddy bear glasses
  • Pearl stickers
  • 6 markers


Approximate time required- 2.5 Hours

Color options:

dark brown

Sand brown





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